About Asteroid Institute

A program of B612 Foundation, Asteroid Institute brings together scientists, researchers, and engineers to develop tools and technologies to understand, map, and navigate our solar system. As with many frontiers that have come before, the opening of the space frontier will be enabled by mapping. Enabling a comprehensive map of the solar system will support scientific exploration, economic development, and the protection of the Earth from asteroid impacts. To help support this goal, we are building ADAM, the Asteroid Discovery Analysis and Mapping computational platform. Our ability to develop the ADAM platform is made possible by B612 supporters.

Our Team

The Asteroid Institute is a distributed team of dedicated scientists, engineers, and software developers.

Dr. Ed Lu

Principal Investigator & Asteroid Institute Executive Director

Prof. Mario Juric

DiRAC Institute Director & ADAM Project Scientist, Univ. of Washington

Alec Koumjian

Head of Software Engineering, Asteroid Institute

Spencer Nelson

Principal Software Engineer, Asteroid Institute

Joachim Moeyens

Researcher, Asteroid Institute & University of Washington

Kathleen Kiker

Software Engineer, Asteroid Institute

Nate Tellis

Software Engineer, Asteroid Institute

Allan Posner

QA and Testing, Asteroid Institute